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Dr. Reyes Magnum Opus, Part Demon form Li Reyeson  by LordOfNecroDarkness Dr. Reyes Magnum Opus, Part Demon form Li Reyeson :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 0 Ultimate User of Cursed Eyes, Li Reyeson by LordOfNecroDarkness Ultimate User of Cursed Eyes, Li Reyeson :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 0 Beastly Crime Boss, Reptile Rephael by LordOfNecroDarkness Beastly Crime Boss, Reptile Rephael :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 1 11 Pretty Boy Chidambar  by LordOfNecroDarkness Pretty Boy Chidambar :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 1 0 The mad Dr. Curtis Reyes  by LordOfNecroDarkness The mad Dr. Curtis Reyes :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 1 0 Nameless girl, Duality  by LordOfNecroDarkness Nameless girl, Duality :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 0
Team Spooky Heroes' First Mission!
    Early in the morning, Mary the Misdreavus and Amy the Ralts of Team Spooky Heroes get out of bed, excited to get to their first mission. They stretch and head to the request board, looking carefully over each one.
    "W-Which one do you think we should take, Mary?" Amy asks nervously as she adjusts the ribbon around her neck.
    "Hmm..." Mary says, carefully assessing each request, "I think we'll take Tilda the Cinccino's request." She decides, "One of them looks too sketchy, and the other too difficult."
    "A-Alright, i-if you say so, sis..." Amy says as she smiles, "You've always made the best choices before, so I'll trust you now too."
    Mary nuzzles Amy, "Of course I have." She says, "I would never steer my darling partner into danger. You'll always be able to count on me, sis~"
    They take the request off the board and head to meet their client, getting the mission briefing and heading to the location of the m
:iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 17
PMD Lost Days Team Spooky Heroes app. by LordOfNecroDarkness PMD Lost Days Team Spooky Heroes app. :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 15 Echosie Eterne Michael application by LordOfNecroDarkness Echosie Eterne Michael application :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 2 2 Echosie Eterne Karen application by LordOfNecroDarkness Echosie Eterne Karen application :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 2 2
Video Games in Real Life RP Prompt.
Video Games in Real Life RP Prompt.
This RP will take place in a real world location, with our characters having video game powers.
Ability to save/load moments in their lives, multiple lives, and you may ask for specific video game powers. I will ask you to explain if I don't know the game.
In your first post, answer these questions. What's your gender? Do you have a preference on my gender? Do you want any specific game powers? If so, from what game/games? What genre of RP would you like this to be? Would you like it to include canon characters/enemies from a game? If so, from what game/games? What's your favorite game?
Since replies are only archived up to the 200th reply, feel free to leave another comment continuing it after we reach the 200th one. This should be your responsibility to monitor this, though.
I will allow most any cano
:iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 2 39
Mature content
Deci's Character Sheet. :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 2
Triple J! Special Chapter 3
Special Chapter Three: Mother of the Princess: Mother's Day Gift for My Mother.
          This story begins long before Earth was even a thought, at a ceremony held by an omnipotent race, this ceremony serves to select their new creators. These creators would each be tasked with creating a new universe and a grand hero for it in their image. 
         "Hey, Trill, you excited for the chance to become a creator?" Asked a man wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and green converse who had short dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and stubble covering his face.
"Of course I am!" Answered Trillian, who had shoulder length reddish brown hair and blue eyes, and wore a knee length purple dress, black open top shoes, and glasses, "But with everyone here, it's unlikely that we'll make the cut."
"Oh, don't talk like that, I'm sure we'll do just fine!" Said the man.
"Jim..." Said Trillian, with a sigh.
           Suddenly, e
:iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 2
Character Sheet for Jasper and J.!
Character Name: Jasper / Dark Lord King J. The Second
Age: 17. The exact age of J. is unknown though he claims to be as old time itself.
Species: Lord of Light (They watch over New Earth and keep the demons in check), Demon, and Immortal
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jasper has messy short black hair, being just long enough to get in his eyes. His eyes are a bright blue like the ocean. He has a fairly average build, and always wears glasses. His skin is a slightly dark peach with a large number of freckles. He always wears a black Japanese school uniform and black dress shoes.
             As for J., he looks exactly like Jasper with blood red eyes and no glasses, and sometimes jet black skin.
History: Jasper was originally part of two other people, he was the light energy within J. and the dark energy within J.'s sister, but was split apart from them via the magical power of their mother. The energies were then fused into one whole entity and his soul was
:iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 0 0
Triple J! Special Chapter 2
          Special Chapter Two: Anne's Birthright: Christmas Gift for My Grandmother
     Our story begins three days before Christmas. Jasper is trying to decide what to give his grandmother, Anne.
     "Do you think she's ready?" asked Jasper,
"If she's not ready now she never will be." J. replied,
"Alright then, that's what I'll give her." said Jasper as he began flying towards the anti-demon shelter.
     On his way to the anti-demon shelter Jasper met with his friends, Colonel Aruji Jasper and Wvxvrg Lu Kirmxvhh. Wvxvrg Lu Kirmxvhh was a twenty year old alien princess, who's native language can be translated to english, for example, her name can is princess of deceit in English. She has waist length snow white hair, very pale peach skin, near white, purple eyes, and an ankle length white dress. She stands at 5.0 feet tall, and weighs 70.Lbs, she has a scrawny build overall.
"I would Just die if he found out!" sai
:iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 1 0
Mature content
Denki,Yami,Hikari,Kasai! Special Chapter 2 :iconlordofnecrodarkness:LordOfNecroDarkness 1 0


[VORE] I'm Chubby, You have to love me by WASH-R0T0M [VORE] I'm Chubby, You have to love me :iconwash-r0t0m:WASH-R0T0M 3 0 [VORE] Rotom Digesting Someone Again by WASH-R0T0M [VORE] Rotom Digesting Someone Again :iconwash-r0t0m:WASH-R0T0M 3 0 [VORE] Rotom Enjoying its Meal by WASH-R0T0M [VORE] Rotom Enjoying its Meal :iconwash-r0t0m:WASH-R0T0M 2 0
Vore roleplay
Pretty much what it says.
Im the pred or you can be if you want.
oral only
What ever situation you want, ok? so just say and we can
start! ;3
:iconfreddyycey227:Freddyycey227 5 1,632
Shrunk in Teachers Lounge RP
(Another roll play has been coming for a long time. I've just been to absent to get to it.)
You're a student in a high school/college. Unfortunately, your grades have been slipping. Slipping enough to warrant you being called down after school to the teachers lounge for tutoring. As you reached for the door handle, however, you black out. When you come to, you're in the teacher's lounge, but everything is huge! Or more specifically, you're tiny! It looks like the giant teachers haven't seen you yet. What do you do?
First, Where are you?
A: The floor
B: A chair
C: A table
D: In some food
?: You come up with a place

Next, What do you do?
1: Try to get help from a
:icongame-and-watching:Game-and-Watching 11 2,472
SuperMarket RP (Vore)
You are a (Male/Female) decide to go to the supermarket to get some groceries. As you are entering and about to get a shopping cart, you see a person going up to you and saying "Sorry, but did you lose your wallet? I found it on the floor!". They then give you back your wallet and leave to go inside. When you check your wallet and find nothing missing, you feel grateful and want to thank them. You take a shopping cart and try to look for the person, remembering who they are. You remember...
A) A black-haired averaged sized teen who's eyes seem to glow a golden color and he wears black and purple clothing. He seems bat-like and mysterious. You find him in the Chips section.
B) A somewhat short woman with light purple hair and pale green eyes, wearing a white sweater and grey pants. She seems mouse-like and shy. You find her in the Dairy section.
C) A tall man with dirty blonde hair, muscles, and bright green eyes. He wears a black shirt and cammo pants. He seems crocodile-like and tough
:iconsubukunojess:SubukuNoJess 38 2,827
Pokemon vore RP by deviantstorms Pokemon vore RP :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 14 9,729 Aria Fox by WabbaMadness Aria Fox :iconwabbamadness:WabbaMadness 8 0 Girl by brayantv Girl :iconbrayantv:brayantv 5 0 Android 18 by brayantv Android 18 :iconbrayantv:brayantv 7 0 Girl by brayantv Girl :iconbrayantv:brayantv 6 3 Royal by WabbaMadness Royal :iconwabbamadness:WabbaMadness 7 0 Girl by WabbaMadness Girl :iconwabbamadness:WabbaMadness 1 0 [EE] lovely people by Falling-Wish [EE] lovely people :iconfalling-wish:Falling-Wish 9 18 A Curious IM 0.3(Cleaner) - Dinner time by maurosdragon A Curious IM 0.3(Cleaner) - Dinner time :iconmaurosdragon:maurosdragon 36 30 Leaf Request by Polarismissile Leaf Request :iconpolarismissile:Polarismissile 125 18


Journal History


Dr. Reyes Magnum Opus, Part Demon form Li Reyeson
Made with the app Anime Face Maker GO

The perfect user of cursed eyes, amplified even further in demon form, his power include heavily strengthened versions of him normal powers, and incredibly advanced combat abilities, far beyond those of any normal being.
Ultimate User of Cursed Eyes, Li Reyeson
Made with the app Anime Face Maker GO

Orphaned and nearly killed as a young boy, he was the first ever to receive cursed eyes and being mixed with a demon from Dr. Reyes, and grew to see him as a father.
His powers include, draining the life of those he sees, bringing those he sees back from the brink of death, cursing and breaking curses, and calling upon his part demon form.
Beastly Crime Boss, Reptile Rephael
Made with the app Anime Face Maker GO

During a street fight, power loving Rephael was blinded, rendering him unable to fight,and in his mind, weak. Dr. Reyes then came in and restore his sight, fusing him with a Reptile to grant him extra power.
His powers include super strength, strengthening whatever he sees, and draining the life force of whatever he sees.
Pretty Boy Chidambar
Made with the app Anime Face Maker GO

Ever since he was little, all Chidambar wanted was to be attractive, but all hope of that was blinded when illness took his sight. But Dr. Reyes restored his sight and granted him hope of becoming attractive once more.
His powers include enhances the look and endurance of whatever he sees, draining the look and endurance to the point of rotting whatever he sees, and summoning blades at will.
The mad Dr. Curtis Reyes
Made with Anime Face Maker GO

Once a good man overall, he went blind, driving him mad in his attempts to cure his blindness, he created the cursed eyes, finally curing him, but taking a toll on his body.

His powers include majorly improved sight, temporarily blinding people, and excellent elemental magic.
Tagged by: :icontwistedtoontaylor:

  • Make a post to your DA journal. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a ______ icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("all I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV."). The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
  • If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.
  • Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your DA or link to this post so that the holiday joy will spread.
  • Surf around your friends list (or friends' friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list.
  • If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use -- do it.
  • You need not spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf -- to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not -- it's your call.
  • There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Give, and you might receive. and you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.
  1. Art featuring any of my characters.
  2. Feedback on my writing. (That might inspire me to continue! (Which I really need to do...))
  3. More RP partners like TwistedToonTaylor or pearldrake999
  4. A nice set of colored pencils and maybe some ink pens. (I'd like to try using them.)
  5. A new Pokemon based icon. (Ask me about my favorites.)
  6. Points that I can use for commissions and other such things.
  7. An Itachi icon.
  8. A Core membership.
  9. A Nintendo E-Shop card.
  10. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

People I'll tag:

Contact info: Skype: Colonel Jasper (I mention this DA account in my "about me" section.)
  • Listening to: Music on my laptop.
  • Reading: My previous journal entry... (Might delete it...)
  • Watching: :shrug: YouTube.
  • Playing: Project Mirai DX
  • Eating: (Just ate) McDonalds.
  • Drinking: Diet Dr.Pepper.


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Dark Lord King J. The Second
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am the king of all dark lords,and I am looking for the five magical items containing the power to turn me into an ultimate dark lord.If you have any information on these items contact me.


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